Bringing high-speed Internet accessibility to rural & remote communities along coastal BC, Haida Gwaii & Vancouver Island.

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From Here to There

Bringing high-speed infrastructure to rural and remote British Columbians takes planning, teamwork and expertise. See how the Connected Coast project team is bringing this project to life.

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A Group Effort

Working with local communities, First Nations and local governments to ensure the project will meet the needs of the region now, and in the future.

The team will be engaging with communities, residents, First Nations, local governments, stakeholders and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throughout the project. Team members are sharing information, gathering feedback and answering questions.

Feedback gathered is used to inform the project as we work through the design and approvals.

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"It is such an advantage to be able to provide high-speed reliable internet that people and businesses can count on. For too long, rural, remote and Indigenous communities have not had reliable high-speed internet... This is a great project to help bridge that digital divide and help bridge that socioeconomic gap without connectivity."
Honourable Lisa Beare
Minister of Citizens' Services


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Connected Coast Project Arrives at Hartley Bay

HARTLEY BAY – The Connected Coast project continues to lay fibre-optic cables across Northern B.C. allowing households and businesses to have high speed communication services for the first time. The project has now reached the remote village of Hartley Bay with over 250 kilometres of subsea fibre laid to date, a project made possible with… 

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