Empowering rural, and remote communities across coastal BC, including Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island, with high-speed internet connectivity.

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Experience the journey of bringing high-speed infrastructure to British Columbia's most secluded areas.

Our project is a testament to meticulous planning, dedicated teamwork, and profound expertise. Explore our interactive map to trace the cable routes and learn about the vital steps we're taking to bring this project to life.

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Collaboration is at the heart of the Connected Coast project.

We are committed to working closely with communities, First Nations, and local governments to ensure our initiatives meet regional needs today and into the future.

By actively engaging with these groups, we gather valuable insights that help shape our project’s design and execution.

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“We want everyone in B.C. to have access to reliable high-speed internet, which is a key part of our commitment to building a strong, inclusive economy. The Connected Coast project is building connectivity infrastructure that will serve people in coastal communities for generations to come – helping people stay connected and supporting economic growth and resiliency with better access to online health care, emergency services, learning, jobs, and a world of digital opportunities. I look forward to celebrating the completion of this project in 2025.”
Honourable George Chow
Minister of Citizens’ Services


Discover the Latest Breakthroughs in Bridging the Digital Divide! Follow the updates and success stories as we connect rural, remote, and Indigenous communities in BC to high-speed internet.

July 2024 Update: Strengthening Connectivity for Coastal BC

The Connected Coast project is moving full steam ahead with renewed commitments and a revised deadline of March 2025. This adjustment ensures that high-speed internet reaches underserved and remote communities along BC’s coast. Key updates include optimized routing and a focused approach on communities still in need of reliable internet. Explore detailed maps of the […]

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Visualize our progress through photos and videos showcasing the ongoing construction, vibrant community events, and the stunning landscapes of the regions we serve.