This is the high-level plan for the completion of the project, from the announcement to construction. To stay updated, please join our e-mail list.

Project Timeline



Timeline Details

2025 – Project Completion


** 2022-2025 – Points of Connectivity (We Are Here)

  • As construction progresses, points of connectivity will begin to go live in a phased approach.
  • The first Northern communities were connected in 2022 and the last group of communities are expected to be fully online in 2025.
  • Construction is initially focused on the inside passage, between Vancouver and Prince Rupert (and to Haida Gwaii). It will generally occur north to south followed by the Sunshine Coast and then the outer west coast of Vancouver Island in the summer of 2024.
  • All construction planning and activity are highly dependent on weather and permitting.  The Connected Coast team is adopting a flexible approach to roll out the project as needed.
  •  Refining our landing site strategy and enhancing route designs to better serve BC’s coastal communities with new targeted completion date of March 2025.

**  2022-2025 Network Activation (We Are Here)

Testing, commissioning, and activation of fibre optic cables and network equipment components. Activation activity follows this format:

  • Splicing and testing of fibre optic cables at shore ends
  • Configuration of network equipment components
  • Network testing and “burn in” period (reliability, quality assurance)
  • Ready for customers!

**  2021-2025 Project Construction (We Are Here)

Construction of approved backbone infrastructure to begin in a phased approach, in conjunction with permit approvals.
Construction activity generally follows the following format:

  • Landing material delivery to site
  • Pre-construction survey (terrestrial and submarine)
  • Civil Construction (cabinet and pole placement, trenching and conduit placement)
  • Submarine fibre deployment and shore end cable insertion

** 2021-2023 Network Design, Consultation & Permitting (We Are Here)

  • Communication systems
  • Geographical layout
  • Transmission equipment
  • Fibre network
  • Consult with area residents, First Nations, local governments and stakeholders to determine needs, opportunities and areas of environmental concern or sensitivities
  • Begin development of permits, regulatory reporting and begin environmental reviews and approvals

2020 – Procurement & Contract Award 

  • Request of Information (RFI) development
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) development
  • Analysis of proposals
  • Negotiations with preferred design-builder
  • Contract award

Project Funding

  • Contribution Agreements signed between Strathcona Regional District and CityWest
  • Funding approved by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)

Project Scoping

  • Project scope and detailed design work begins
  • Project consultation process begins to be mapped
  • Development of project information and resources

2018 – Project Announcement

Project partners establish project goals, structure and governance