This is the high-level plan for the completion of the project, from the announcement to construction. To stay updated, please join our e-mail list.

Project Timeline



Timeline Details

2023 – Project Completion


2022-2023 – Points of Connectivity

  • As construction progresses, points of connectivity will begin to go live in a phased approach.
  • The first group of Northern communities will be fully connected early 2022 and the last group of communities are expected to be fully online in 2023.
  • Construction will generally occur north to south and to be working on the outer west coast of Vancouver Island over the summer of 2022.
  • All construction planning and activity is highly dependant on weather and permitting.  The Connected Coast team is adopting a flexible approach to roll out the project as needed.

**  2021-2022 Project Construction (We Are Here)

Construction of approved backbone infrastructure to begin in a phased approach, in conjunction with permit approvals.  This has begun in the northern portion of the route.

** 2021-2022 Network Design, Consultation & Permitting (We Are Here)

  • Communication systems
  • Geographical layout
  • Transmission equipment
  • Fibre network
  • Consult with area residents, First Nations, local governments and stakeholders to determine needs, opportunities and areas of environmental concern or sensitivities
  • Begin development of permits, regulatory reporting and begin environmental reviews and approvals

2020 – Procurement & Contract Award 

  • Request of Information (RFI) development
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) development
  • Analysis of proposals
  • Negotiations with preferred design-builder
  • Contract award

Project Funding

  • Contribution Agreements signed between Strathcona Regional District and CityWest
  • Funding approved by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)

Project Scoping

  • Project scope and detailed design work begins
  • Project consultation process begins to be mapped
  • Development of project information and resources

2018 – Project Announcement

Project partners establish project goals, structure and governance