ISP’s and Reseller Process

The Connected Coast Network (CCN) is built, owned, maintained & operated under a partnership (CCN Partnership) between City West Management Corp. (CW) and Strathcona Regional District. CW, as the managing partner, primarily is responsible for all aspects of design, commissioning, maintenance and support of network infrastructure, services and third-party agreements.

In accordance with government policy, funding agreements with Canada (i.e., ISED and ISC) and the Province (i.e., NDIT), and with the objective to maximize benefits for communities proximate to the CCN, the CCN Partnership is committed to open access and collaboration with other internet service providers (ISPs) & resellers. The CCN Partnership recognizes its responsibility to operate the CCN in a manner that protects stakeholder interests by providing reliable & affordable network services to coastal and northern BC communities, delivered by practicing sound & sustainable business practices.

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