The Connected Coast is in the process of deploying ~3,500km of marine fibre optic infrastructure along the BC coastline.

The impact of the project and the opportunities it will provide to communities it connects will be enormous. Access to reliable high-speed internet means that residents will be able to access online learning and health services, emergency notifications, news and participate in online discussions and sharing. It will also open new economic development opportunities for residents who will be able to work remotely and participate on e-commerce and online business development.

Cable Location

As-built cable location files in KMZ (Google Earth file format) & GPX (navigation file) are available.  Please fill out the form below to receive a copy and future file updates.

KMZ formatted files are importable into Nobeltec equipment, please refer to your user guide for instructions. Check back regularly for updates to these files.

The cable will also be registered on marine charts by Canadian Hydrographic Services (CHS) as well as listed on provincial tenure mapping.

All above zero tide buried or surface laid installations will also be registered with BC One Call, anyone seeking information about our terrestrial works and their proximity to planned or emergency civil works should contact BC One Call and follow the established “call before you dig” process and policies.

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Mariner Signage

Signage alerting mariners of the new fibre cable network on BC’s seafloor has been created and posted in high-traffic dock locations.
Please spread the word and share signage with others.


  • CHECK UPDATES on CHS charts
  • DOWNLOAD live route files from our website

North & South Coast

Strait of Georgia

Johnstone Strait

Hectate Strait

Prince Rupert



Emergency Contact

If you suspect you have interacted with the Connected Coast cable (fishing gear snag, anchor drag, etc…):

Please email details to marine@cwct.ca

Please be prepared to provide the following (in email or via phone):

  • GPS coordinates for location of concern
  • Contact details
  • Time and date of incident
  • Description of incident (snagged but released, confirmed cut, etc…)

The Connected Coast network is monitored 24/7 however incident descriptions from marine users would aid in expedited repair and service restoration.

If you require immediate assistance please call 250-624-7182.

This number does not replace emergency marine services such as Search and Rescue or Canada Coast Guard.

ISP’s and Reseller Process

The Connected Coast Network (CCN) is built, owned, maintained & operated under a partnership (CCN Partnership) between City West Management Corp. (CW) and Strathcona Regional District. CW, as the managing partner, primarily is responsible for all aspects of design, commissioning, maintenance and support of network infrastructure, services and third-party agreements.

In accordance with government policy, funding agreements with Canada (i.e., ISED and ISC) and the Province (i.e., NDIT), and with the objective to maximize benefits for communities proximate to the CCN, the CCN Partnership is committed to open access and collaboration with other internet service providers (ISPs) & resellers. The CCN Partnership recognizes its responsibility to operate the CCN in a manner that protects stakeholder interests by providing reliable & affordable network services to coastal and northern BC communities, delivered by practicing sound & sustainable business practices.

See the below links for downloads:

Please contact the Connected Coast team at info@connectedcoast.ca if you have any questions or you require assistance with your submission.