Connect My Home

The Connected Coast Project will provide subsea high speed fibre optic cable to communities along the BC Coast and around Vancouver Island.  Once this ‘Backbone’ fibre reaches a community, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) will connect to the fibre cable.  An ISP can then offer internet service directly to residential and commercial properties, providing a ‘Last Mile’ connection.

An ISP will complete fibre drops to properties by stringing fibre optic cable on existing utility poles or underground from the utility right of way directly to homes. A small access box will be attached to the outside of homes near other utilities. In most cases, the installation of last mile connections will be free of charge while crews are present in the community.

Whether property owners choose to purchase internet service or not, it’s a good idea to at least connect the fibre to your house, as it will save you money over having it done at a later date. Having access to high-speed Internet has many advantages, recognized by renters and homeowners alike.

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