CITA Showcase & Seminar

shot of man talking on the phone from behind him

Over the shoulder shot of a caucasian man talking on the phone while working on his laptop computer in a public co-working space

Donovan Dias,  VP Sales & Project Management of CityWest and Victoria Smith, Strategic Initiatives of Strathcona Regional District – presented the Connected Coast Project at the CITA Showcase and Seminar held in Niagara Falls, Ontario on April 7-9, 2019.

The Canadian Independent Telecommunications Association (CITA) is a Canada-wide association of companies which provide telephone service within British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.  In addition to the independent telephone companies that form the Active Members of the Association, CITA has over 100 Associate and Special Associate Members, most of whom are equipment and service suppliers.

The CITA represents Canada’s independent telephone companies before federal and provincial bodies and deals with matters of major concerns to its members. The Association also actively promotes the increase and advancement of telephone service in the communities served by its members.