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CityWest is ‘Dropping In’ to Your Community

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The Strathcona Regional District (SRD) and partner CityWest, a rural and small community telecommunication specialist, successfully applied for and obtained funding to build last mile infrastructure in many communities along the Connected Coast network. The last mile connection will bring the high speed internet fibre from the Connected Coast landing sites into homes and businesses.

With this funding, and in partnership with other communities and local governments, CityWest will provide urban-quality and reliable Internet, television and telephone services  by connecting directly to the Connected Coast undersea fibre-optic project.

Residents can now sign up for your free fibre home connection and once on the wait list, a team member will contact you to schedule a “fibre drop” to your home or business.  A fibre drop is the process of installing the telecommunications cable from the road to your house: either hung from a telephone pole or buried in an underground conduit. Most connections will be underground.

Signing up for a drop does not obligate you to sign up for CityWest services, and nor does it bypass the permitting process that will be undertaken before construction.  It simply represents the current interest for better internet service when approvals are provided.

If you sign up for a drop before construction commences, the installation cost for the drop will be FREE; however, if you sign up for a drop after construction in finished, there will be an additional charge for bringing the drop to your home.  CityWest will enter any property until permission is received.

After fibre drops are installed, the next step will be to connect the network to the Connected Coast project.  Once connected, internet will run from the subsea fibre to your home through the CityWest network.

Local Team Leaders

Constantinos (Dino) Tsakonas

Regional Manager – North Island, CityWest

250-202-6004  |  dino.tsakonas@cwct.ca

A long-time resident of Cortes Island, Dino Tsakonas has now joined CityWest as its Regional Manager for the Coastal BC area. With a background in communications technology, as well as years of experience managing Twincomm, Dino is looking forward to providing great customer experiences to everyone!


Eric Geall

Operations Manager – WCI Corp.

250-720-6110  |  eric.geall@wcicorp.ca

Eric joins the project with extensive telecom industry experience. He owned and operated West Island Cable and served the community of Bamfield by providing wireless internet and recently, fibre-to-the-home options. The company was acquired by CityWest and Eric has transitioned to West Connect Infrastructure, the civil construction company bringing fibre to homes.

Upcoming Events

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‘Dropping In’ FAQS

The Connected Coast project is a sub-sea fibre cable that will come to shore in an underground conduit and connect into a small underground vault. Next to the underground vault will be a power pole and a small telecommunications cabinet with network equipment located near the shoreline, similar to existing utility infrastructure in your community and will vary in size.  See the picture below as an example.

The installers will be using micro trenching to bury the small cable. This will have very little impact or disruption of roadway or right of ways. In the unlikely event that any damage occurs, it will be fully restored to its original condition.

CityWest will install an underground drop, which is a fibre-optic cable that runs from the street to premises through a conduit.  Similar to existing home utilities.

CityWest has invested in the newest technology and machinery to provide services to residents without breaking driveway surfaces or cutting up lawns. The majority of homes will be connected by using an underground directional drill.

Technicians will consult with property owners or representatives to get a better understanding of each property and any obstacles that may arise. If there is a requirement to disrupt your property, technicians will discuss the need and obtain your approval prior to any work.

A fiber-optic network provides the fastest and most secure internet possible where you could enjoy:
• Faster uploads & downloads
• More opportunities to work remotely & on-line learning
• Smoother streaming (without buffering)
• The ability to use multiple online devices simultaneously
• Access to virtual healthcare
• Fibre connection is hard-wired, superior connection without interruptions
• Fibre does not have radio waves associated with it.
• And more…

Not if you sign-up before construction is finished on your street.  However after the construction period is complete, there will be an additional install charge for bringing fibre to your home.

There is no obligation to sign up for internet services; however, it’s a good idea to at least connect the fibre to your house as it will save you money over having it done at a later date.  Having access to high-speed internet has many advantages, recognized by renters and homeowners alike.

No, the Connected Coast project does not provide cell phone service however it does provide home phone service which includes wi-fi calling. There are no plans to deploy 5G technology on this network.

Cortes Island – The fibre home installations are scheduled for this fall. The next step will be to complete the Connected Coast project, the laying of sub-sea fibre-optic cable and connecting it to the four community landing sites on Cortes Island. We anticipate the completion of this phase of the project and the fibre internet up and running sometime in 2022.
Hornby & Denman Islands – The next step will be to complete the Connected Coast project, the laying of sub-sea fibre-optic cable and connecting it to landing sites on Hornby and Denman Islands. We will provide additional information after the November 27 referendum and electoral approval to move forward with the project has been received.

The goal of this project is to provide connectivity to as many residents as possible but unfortunately, we understand we cannot go everywhere. Please share your concerns and include your civic address, and latitude/longitude (if you know it) on the contact form at www.citywest.ca/dropping-in and a team member will get back to you.

In order to access property for the installation of fibre drops, CityWest must obtain permission from property owners. Private property owners are encouraged to provide their permission now.  All necessary permits for public lands and rights-of-way are in the process of being finalized.

Yes. Please make mention of it on the “Notes” section on the online “Dropping In” form at www.citywest.ca/dropping-in.

CityWest may monitor internet usage as part of troubleshooting, or to identify customers who may benefit from faster speeds. They may look at network usage in aggregate, to ensure internet traffic flows smoothly. CityWest will not be able to see what is being viewed or accessed, nor do they want to. What you do on the internet is your business, not theirs.

Yes.  The purpose of the Connected Coast project is to provide as many residents and properties with the opportunity to connect to a superior fibre internet connection.

Yes. This will also depend on the package you choose, currently CityWest offers speeds of up to 1 gig download. Please see www.citywest.ca for the full product line.  

The fibre connection is hard-wired which provides a superior connection without any interruptions and does not have any radio waves associated with it.  

Yes, please visit www.citywest.ca/careers for any opportunities as CityWest is always on the lookout for strong candidates to join their fun, passionate, and caring team.  

Possibly. Please email citywest@cwct.ca with your contact information, and they will get back to you.  

Photo Gallery

View some photos that represent what the home fibre connection process will look like in your community – HERE>

Still have questions? 

Please email info@connectedcoast.ca and we would be happy to answer them for you.